who we are

Inspired is an independently-owned live experience agency, combining events industry pedigree with the agility and personal service of a small consultancy.

With an unbound enthusiasm for the impact of live experiences, we believe in the power of face-to-face to engage audiences and change behaviour.

While we remain a boutique business at our core, we draw upon our network of experts when needed. We’re also happy to take on as much or as little of a project as you require.

All of this means that we’re flexible in our approach and highly cost-effective, so that you benefit from clever and creative experiences that deliver measurable value for your business.

what we do

We bring businesses and brands together with relevant audiences. Whoever you want to talk to, we deliver face-to-face experiences with lasting impact.

We work with everyone from small start-ups to global brands, always putting the audience at the heart of everything we do.


All too often the modern conference misses the mark, with content way down the list of priorities. A classic case of style over substance.
We dig beneath the surface of your messages, challenging what you want to achieve and how you’d like your audience to think, feel and act.

The result? Thought-provoking experiences that change opinions and decisions.


First impressions count, right? So your new brand, product or service has to make its mark at the moment it launches.
We make sure that happens by designing the creative treatment and environment that’s right for your audience.

The result? Stylish and substantive experiences that hit home immediately and leave a lasting impression.


Bringing together a community to share and celebrate success is a vital part of building empathy with an organisation.
Our insights into your audience combined with our knowledge of appropriate protocol and choreography, ensure that we create the right impression.

The result? Professionally-staged and memorable experiences that make everyone feel special.

Brand Experiences

We create opportunities for audiences to become immersed in your brand.
Whatever the environment, we have the knowledge and insight to bring your brand to life and increase awareness and loyalty.

The result? Brand advocates who amplify the effects of your marketing and drive revenue.


Connecting with your audience is all about harnessing the power of storytelling to make your messages clear, coherent and compelling.
We devise creative ways to share your narrative and ensure that your messages resonate.

The result? A deeper understanding of what you’re about, leaving a lasting impression of your business.

How we help

To engage your audience and inspire them to act after the live experience, you’ve got to connect with each individual emotionally as well as rationally. We deliver the right cues to make this happen.

We Create bespoke experiences that both Unite and Excite your community.
We CUE action.
It’s how we think and work on every project, whatever the scale or scope.


We begin by discovering what you want to achieve and who you need to talk to. Then we’re able to curate ideas within the right context and deliver a relevant, high-impact event.

Championing the audience throughout the creative process leads to a bespoke live experience that addresses their needs and desires, then continues to resonate and helps modify behaviour.


Whether your community exists already or is yet to coalesce, we create opportunities for people to congregate and connect.

We tailor the live event with your audience’s hopes and aspirations in mind. We also ensure the experience fits in with your brand and other marketing activities, amplifying the impact.


We focus on how the experience will make everyone feel.

By sparking flashes of inspiration and recognition, we generate an emotional response that becomes the catalyst for change; what we call a PING Moment.

These moments stay with the audience, driving them to act long after the event takes place.

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